My Site is Worth WHAT?!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this blog was hacked (because of my own stupidity) and I decided to just delete the old database rather than take the chance that I might miss something on cleanup.

I’m always working on a few sites and while looking at traffic trends and checking the value of the URLS, I found out that I had thousands of back links from Yahoo coming into and according to one valuation site, this site was worth in excess of $14,000 owing in no small part to all of those Yahoo links in to me.

DOH!  I wish I had known that before I deleted all the old content.  Now all those links are invalid and I have to start all over trying to build page rank.  I don’t believe it was worth anywhere near$14K, but it is rather disheartening to think about all those high-value links that are now invalid.

I knew I had a bit of a following and was getting good traffic, but I had no idea I had all those great back links until it was too late.  Anyone have a time machine I can borrow?  I’ll return it instantly!

If you want to find out what your URL is worth, just go here:

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